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Our Commitment
is to
Fast Installations

All our processes are streamlined with Enerflo to provide the quickest turn around time in the industry. Our average install time is 30 days or less. (This estimate is based on an average 2 week AHJ and Utility review. Longer lead times can occur with certain counties and cooperatives.)

Open Communication

Helio Solar Power believes in the importance of open communication and trust. Effective communication will lead everyone to be on the same page, moving in the same direction to the same goal - to provide the best solar experience for your customers. Through our platform, our sales partners and their customers can communicate in real time with our support team to answer all questions and concerns.

Enerflo CRM

Helio Solar Power utilizes the Enerflo Platform for the most streamlined sales and fulfillment experience available. From a CRM and design tool to an installation progress tracker and communication hub, Enerflo enables our Sales Partners the ability to focus more on creating more sales than having to worry about the status's of previous projects.

Dealer Support

All of our sales partners are assigned a dedicated success manager to assist with all project concerns. We provide 24-hour text support so that no question goes unanswered. Helio also has teams available to assist our partners with customers that speak other languages.

Unparalleled Service

Helio Solar Power is first and foremost a service company. Too often, customers are left in the dark during the entire solar process. The first time they get any notification is on the day of installation. We are different. In addition to the project tracker in Enerflo, all of our customers get a customer service liaison who will ben their direct point of contact through the entire process.


Helio Solar Power requires all of our sales partners to follow all UDAAP codes of conduct. As such, we provide online training for ethics and sales practices. We also provide solar training and materials for teams new to the industry.

Expand your customer base by offering the best solar experience in the Mid-West. We are partnered with Sunnova to give your customers the most comprehensive solar and battery warranty around.

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