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Helio is shining a bright light on the future of Illinois by spearheading the solar revolution through the innovative Illinois Solar For All program. Helio is not just bringing renewable energy to the state, but also creating a more equitable energy landscape. Helio's mission is to turn those Illinois skies into a canvas of sustainability, one solar panel at a time!

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What is Illinois Solar For All?

Illinois Solar for All (ILSFA) is a groundbreaking state program designed to bring the benefits of affordable, renewable solar energy to income-eligible households, non-profit organizations, and public facilities across Illinois. By providing incentives to approved solar vendors, ILSFA aims to expand access to clean power and substantial energy savings for underserved communities that have historically faced barriers to accessing solar technology.

How much can you save?

The program is a key component of Illinois' broader clean energy initiatives, using state and utility funding to help the state meet its renewable energy goals. ILSFA participants, including single-family homeowners, renters, and non-profits, pay no upfront costs for solar installations or subscriptions. Instead, they are able to save an average of over $1,000 annually on their electric bills, taking control of their energy future and enjoying the environmental benefits of solar power.

How do you Qualify?

To qualify for ILSFA, households must have an income at or below 80% of the Area Median Income. Non-profit organizations and public facilities also have eligibility, but under slightly different criteria. Through this targeted approach, ILSFA ensures that the transition to clean energy is inclusive and equitable, empowering communities that have traditionally been left behind. By working with approved solar vendors like Helio Solar Power, ILSFA is driving meaningful progress towards a more sustainable and equitable energy future for the state of Illinois.

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